About Us

Everyone Can Swim

 At Swim Schools of Corpus Christi we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to swim. We can teach lessons to anyone from six months through adult, including preparing swimmers for swim teams under the Swim Team Prep class.

Get what YOU want.

We have private lessons or group lessons that meet once a week or more often if your schedule allows for it. 

Join the Team

We are always looking for good people. All of our swim teachers must go through extensive training both academic and in water, complete a background investigative check, and complete hands-on apprenticeship time under another certified SSI Swim Teacher. 

Swim Teachers

Brittany Butler

Swim Director - Baby & Me, Level 1 & 2, Adult, Swim Teachers

Shelby Duncan

Swim Teacher - Baby & Me, Level 1 & 2, Adult

Yvonne Vasquez

Swim Teacher - Baby & Me, Level 1, Adult

Brooke Potts

Swim Teacher - Baby & Me, Level 1 & 2, Adult